When HR documents are scattered across multiple locations, shared drives, paper-based cabinets, and email systems, business challenges include:

  • Costly document searches
  • Lack of availability in a folder structure linked to the personnel number
  • Inability to use a document management system based on a folder structure

Impact Innovations’ HR Solution offers significant benefits by replacing expensive, paper-based storage and providing seamless access to documents that are safely stored in a compliant ECM repository.

Our approach is a best-practice solution with short implementation time and immediate return on investment. It provides a comprehensive folder structure in a compliant content repository linked to your HR personnel numbering system.

Our solution provides significant cost reduction and increased transparency through fast, simple retrieval of relevant documents via an integrated search function. Other benefits include:

  • Compliance with all data protection conditions, plus auditing reliability for your employee information
  • Original and up-to-date personnel files
  • Elimination of redundant data maintenance and management
  • Direct access to e-mail and Microsoft Office
  • Intuitive user experience with familiar look and feel