Reduce the time, cost and hassle of capturing, managing and securing documents with fast, efficient document capture solutions from Impact Innovations. Regardless of the size of your organization, Impact Innovations gives you total control with proven, reliable multi-function devices, All-in-Ones, document scanners and digital senders. In addition, we offer a choice of proven Captiva InputAccel, Kofax Capture, and other third-party software solutions and services to fit your general and specific workflow requirements.

  • Accelerate Workflows – We deliver fast, simple and cost-effective ways to digitize, classify, index and send documents from their source to nearly any destination, almost instantly.
  • Reduce Costs – We can help you minimize processing and storage costs by turning paper into efficient, easily retrievable electronic files.
  • Document Management – We give you the flexibility to capture, convert, distribute and store document information in virtually any management system.
  • Control Risk – Our reliable document capture system protects, archives, and ensures the compliance of information throughout its life-cycle.
  • Accessibility – Improve document accessibility and distribution among internal or external parties using security controls and audit trails.