Impact Innovations’ Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions offer an integrated approach to managing the life-cycle of corporate policies, assessing and responding to enterprise risks, and measuring and reporting compliance with controls and regulatory requirements. Our GRC solutions give organizations the ability to manage enterprise risk and compliance issues as closely related strategic initiatives that have a direct impact on business objectives—whether in a physical or virtual environment. Some of the key benefits of our solution offering include:

  • Collaboration and consistency — Use common processes and information to facilitate collaboration between multiple business units with multiple roles.
  • Efficiency — Transform isolated projects into sustainable processes to support daily cross-functional operations.
  • Transparency and Accountability — See the status of exceptions and unresolved issues, and monitor the progress of fixes by designated issue owners.
  • Strategic Alignment — Transform from a tactical, reactive approach to a proactive, value-added business function.
  • Workforce Enablement — Gain insight into information relevant to multiple roles—at the analyst, management, and executive levels—and immediately kick off corrective action at the appropriate level.