Designed specifically for government departments and agencies, Impact Innovations’ Case Management solutions accelerate case resolution and improve worker productivity by providing an integrated information management infrastructure. Impact Innovations offers Case Management solutions that enable you to convert paper and other unstructured documents into digital file format—then define workflows, accelerate analysis, resolve cases, communicate externally, and archive files in a master repository for future reference and ultimate disposal. Some of the key benefits of the solution include:

  • Responsiveness and Visibility — Provide access to citizens, businesses, and other stakeholders throughout the life-cycle of a case.
  • Deployment Flexibility — Choose from a number of solution options ranging from partner-based Commercial of the Shelf (COTS) offerings, solution samples, or solution frameworks.
  • Secure Collaboration — Share content within and across agencies based on defined roles and access privileges.
  • Workforce Productivity — Capture content electronically, avoid recreating information, provide closed case reviews, and capture best practices.