Solution Types

We start by understanding the client’s challenges and the opportunities for process improvement. We then design a solution based on products and platforms which best match the client’s specific needs.

We currently implement the following types of solutions:

By Solution Type


Accounts Payable (AP) Automation solutions enable you to scan, classify, and index paper documents as well as electronic invoices. Impact Innovations offers Accounts Payable Automation solutions that help improve the entire accounts payable process.

Processors, approvers, and managers save time and improve accuracy with tools such as queue-based workflow and automatic notifications—and complete integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and line of business (LOB) systems. The result: you reduce costs and cycle times, improve accuracy, visibility and service levels, strengthen internal controls, and maximize cash management.

The key benefits of the AP solution are:

  • End-to-end management – Integrate all key processes, from receipt and approval to archiving and auditing—and provide complete visibility into the entire process.
  • Control and compliance – Retain and archive documents in compliance with government and company policies.
  • Streamlined work – Provide users with a streamlined user interface that offers seamless integration between data from ERP or LOB systems and full views of all supporting documentation.
  • Vendor responsiveness – Quickly retrieve up-to-date, accurate vendor information, and respond promptly to vendor inquiries.
  • Elimination of paper storage – Eliminate the need for physical paper storage—digitize all documents and take advantage of records retention and storage capabilities.