Our software quality assurance services provide technical testing support for both manual and automated test scripts leveraging various Quality Assurance and Control tools. Our professional services team follows the testing standards and processes governance set forth by our Global Practice Area and the IEEE organization. Our expertise in QA and automated testing products include:

telerik_logoTelerik TestStudio is an all in one testing software for functional, load, performance and mobile app testing. The in-depth functional testing includes native web and desktop apps testing along with mobile and tablet apps, HTML5, AJAX, Silverlight and WPF apps testing. Additionally testing teams can rely on the product to test JavaScript calls, Telerik controls, dynamic page synchronization, client-side behaviors, UI virtualizations and XAML animations.

Hewlett-Packard_logoHP-QuickTest Professional software provides functional and regression test automation for software applications and environments. HP QuickTest Professional supports keyword and scripting interfaces and features a graphical user interface. Its features are: a cascaded optimization system, the industry’s deepest and broadest insight into IT-controlled assets, and a secure, comprehensive, operational environment for a hybrid world, enhanced expert view, business process testing, screen recorder etc.

watir_logoWatir, pronounced water, is an open-source (BSD) family of ruby libraries for automating web browsers. It allows you to write tests that are easy to read and maintain. It is simple and flexible. It clicks links, fills in forms, and presses buttons. Watir also checks results, such as whether expected text appears on the page. Its features are: to connect to databases, read data files and spreadsheets, export XML, and structure your code as reusable libraries etc.

TOSCA Testsuite is a software tool for the automated execution of functional and regression software testing. In addition to test automation functions, it includes integrated test management, a graphical user interface (GUI), a command line interface (CLI) and an application programming interface (API), generation of dynamic, synthetic test data, highly automated business dynamic steering of test case generation and the unified handling and executing of manual and automated as well as GUI and non-GUI tests etc.

Selenium_logoSelenium is a portable software testing framework for web applications. Selenium provides a record/playback tool for authoring tests without learning a test scripting language. It includes features like record and playback, intelligent field selection, Xpath as needed, auto complete for all common selenium commands, walk through tests, debug and set breakpoints, ruby scripts, or other formats, support for selenium user-extensions file, option to automatically assert the title of every page etc.

visual-studio-logoVisual Studio Test Professional is an integrated testing toolset developed by Microsoft that delivers a complete plan-test-track workflow for in-context collaboration between testers and developers, in order to increase testers’ visibility to the overall project. Its features are file actionable bugs, manual testing, re-use manual test recordings, team foundation server, application lifecycle management etc. Whilst rich in features, it is an observation that testing professionals may get overwhelmed and intimidated due to abundance of menu items in the software that have no relevance to them.

IBM-bannerRational Functional Tester is an automated functional testing and regression testing tool. Rational Functional Tester provides testers with automated testing capabilities for functional testing, regression testing, and GUI testing and data-driven testing. It’s features are: simplify test creation and visualization with storyboard testing, provides lifecycle traceability, validate dynamic data with dynamic data validation wizard, streamline automation with keyword testing, proxy SDK, test script version control for parallel development, etc.

SmartBear-TestComplete-LogoTestComplete is an automated testing tool, developed by SmartBear Software which aims to allow testers to create software quality tests. Tests can be recorded, manually scripted or created manually with keyword operations and used for automated playback and error logging. TestComplete is used for testing many different application types including Web, Windows, WPF, Flash, Flex, Silverlight, .NET and Java .It automates front end UI/functional testing and back-end testing like database, and HTTP load testing.

micro-focus-international-logoTestpartner is an automated test tool that accelerates functional testing and facilitates the delivery of business-critical applications. Testpartner works via a tiered approach to testing that enables developers, quality experts and non-technical application users to collaborate and test more in the time available. Its features are: visual storyboard oriented approach, automated regression testing, automatic, object-oriented script generation, integrates with VBA etc. TestPartner encourages collaboration between developers, quality experts, and non-technical application users throughout the software development lifecycle, so more testing can be achieved in the available time.

SilktestgrabSilkTest is an automation tool for testing the functionality of enterprise applications in most versions of Windows, Solaris 9 and 10, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS 2.1 and 3.0.[1] It was produced by Segue Software which was acquired by Borland in 2006. Borland was acquired by Micro Focus International in 2009. SilkTest became the strategic product to eventually replace TestPartner, which was acquired by Micro Focus International from Compuware.
SilkTest offers various clients: – SilkTest Classic uses the domain specific 4Test language for automation scripting. It is an object oriented language similar to C++. It uses the concepts of classes, objects, and inheritance. – Silk4J allows to do automation in Eclipse using Java as scripting language – Silk4Net allows the same in Visual Studio using VB or C# – SilkTest Workbench allows automation testing on a visual level (similar to former TestPartner)

Parasoft LogoParasoft SOAtest automates web application testing, message/protocol testing, cloud testing and security testing. Parasoft SOAtest and Parasoft load test (packaged together) ensure secure, reliable, compliant business processes and seamlessly integrate with Parasoft language products (e.g., Parasoft Jtest) to help teams prevent and detect application-layer defects from the start of the SDLC. Some features are client/server emulation, multi-layer verification, test case organization, regression testing, automatic test case generation, coding standard enforcement, soap -based enterprise system which operates as both the soap client and the soap server. This allows for early module testing of the applications.

Original SoftwareTestDrive is a full-featured automated testing solution designed to test GUI and browser applications “out-of-the-box”. Significant reductions in timescales and advanced levels of quality can be achieved without the complexity of traditional testing tools. TestDrive integrates with all the other elements of our solution suite so that tests can be run from within Qualify, scripts can be built automatically from manual test results within TestDrive-Assist, and effects in the database can be simultaneously verified in TestBench.

Testing_Anywhere_logoTesting Anywhere is software produced by San Jose-based Automation Anywhere, Inc. (est. 2003). The software allows testers and developers to test applications, Web sites, objects, controls and GUI front-ends. The company has been featured in SD Times for its creation of “Object Avatars”, and has over 25,000 customers.

RanorexRanorex is a Windows GUI test automation framework for testing many different application types including Web 2.0 applications, Win32, MFC, WPF, Flash/Flex, .NET and Java (SWT). Ranorex doesn’t have a scripting language of its own. The user (e.g. the software tester) can use the functionalities of the programming languages like C# and VB.NET as a base, and enlarge it with the GUI automation functionality of Ranorex.

httlogoHTTP Test Tool (htt) is an open source scriptable protocol test tool for HTTP protocol based products like web servers, web browsers, web applications or ICAP.
Software products are per se not error free. Adding new features, fixing errors and upgrading library versions can all introduce new errors and security holes. A protocol test tool helps to detect errors within HTTP protocol based Software. It is very simple and can therefore do bad requests/response to emulate bad or malicious server/client software. There are many more protocol test tools for HTTP like OpenSTA, ApacheBench, Selenium… which also can do stress testing.

Qf-Test_logoQF-Test (the successor of qftestJUI, available since 2001) from Quality First Software is a cross-platform software tool for the GUI test automation limited to Java/Swing, SWT, Eclipse plug-ins and RCP applications, ULC, Java applets, Java Web Start and cross-browser test automation of web-based applications (HTML, AJAX, ExtJS, GWT, RAP, Qooxdoo, RichFaces).