Impact Innovations offers a range of consulting services designed to improve your business operations. Our consultants have deep experience in understanding business processes across a variety of industries, and in finding solutions to drive productivity improvement and efficiency. We also understand that each client’s situation is different, so we take the time to learn the specific processes and challenges and tailor our solutions to the client. We also employ a proven methodology which engages the client with our consultants throughout the process, and trains the appropriate people on how to gain the most value from the systems deployed.

Impact Innovations offers consulting services in the following areas:

Application Development & Integration
Impact Innovations delivers interoperability among various Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions from multiple vendors. This integration helps our customers reduce content redundancy and facilitate information exchange among business users.

Content Management
We help organizations classify, manage, and retrieve unstructured information. Our consultants apply proven methodologies and a disciplined approach to address the business, technical, and operational challenges of enterprise content management.

Document Imaging
Impact Innovations is the leader in the implementation of document imaging, intelligent data capture and remote capture solutions. We implement “best of breed” solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Migration and Conversion
Impact Innovations safely and effectively migrates many legacy content management applications and client date, reducing risk and minimizing downtime.

Records Management
We implement robust electronic records management solutions in a compliant manner, enforcing business rules and corporate governance.

We provide a range of training offerings to ensure our clients realize maximum value from the systems we implement. Every course and training solution we offer is created with your organization’s end goals in mind, with multiple delivery formats including on-site, off-site, and web-based training.