SourceOne Email Management is an email archiving solution that helps reduce operational costs while enforcing email record-keeping policies, in compliance with internal governance as well as industry and government regulations.

SourceOne Email Management improves user productivity, providing seamless access to archived content. Proactive information management helps with litigation readiness. A centralized archive accelerates high-volume discovery searches and enables secure legal holds. Also, archiving of PST files assures complete and accurate discoveries. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Message lifecycle management – Reduce the burden of aging email in production mail systems by archiving it to the appropriate storage tiers.
  • Flexible message capture – Match archiving policies with business requirements using automated and manual capture options.
  • Automated retention and disposition – Systematically manage email within an overall corporate retention plan and demonstrate adherence to policies.
  • Litigation readiness – Accelerate results and increase accuracy of discovery searches against the centralized, de-duplicated archive.
  • Robust search tools – Easily find archived email for general business reuse, and enable users to retrieve archived content.
  • Transparent user experience – Preserve user access to archived messages from Exchange and mobile devices.
  • Global support – Support global business requirements to preserve and search messages across languages and character sets.