With Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010/2013, IRM is available for files that are located in document libraries and stored as attachments to list items. Site administrators can choose to protect downloads from a document library with IRM. When a user attempts to download a file from the library, SharePoint Foundation verifies that the user has permissions to the given file, and issues a license to the user that enables access to the file at the appropriate permissions level. SharePoint Foundation then downloads the file to the user’s computer in an encrypted, rights-managed file format.

Information Rights Management (IRM) enables content creators to centrally control which actions users can take on documents that have been downloaded from document libraries in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010/2013. IRM encrypts the downloaded files and limits the set of users and programs that are allowed to decrypt these files. IRM can also limit the rights of the users who are allowed to read files, so that they cannot take actions such as print copies of the files or copy text from them.