EMC Documentum IRM Services for Documentum delivers the unique ability to secure and control content once it leaves the content repository. Documentum IRM Services for Documentum enhances your document security by enabling users to create secure cabinets and folders in order for content to seamlessly inherit rights (when and how it can be used). Use this sophisticated information rights management technology to ensure that sensitive information remains secure as it is shared internally or with partners, suppliers, and outside constituents.

Features Benefits
Persistent protection Protect content while it is in transit, at rest, and even after recipients access it.
Dynamic policy control Allow content owners to define or change user permissions; recall or expire content even after distribution.
Automated protection Use IRM Services for Documentum to apply rights automatically based on the content lifecycle.
Distributed version control Automatically redirect recipients to updated content when the original version changes.
Continuous audit trail Track all activity associated with secured content to demonstrate proof of compliance with security policies.
Mobile user support Enable authorized mobile users to access secured content whether or not they are connected to a network.
Support for existing authentication security infrastructure Minimize administrator involvement and speed deployment by leveraging existing user and group information.
Third-party access support Enable cross-firewall implementation to aid external users working as part of extended enterprise processes.


Documentum IRM Overview

IRM Services for Documentum