FatWire Core Web Content Management (WCM) provides comprehensive web content management for building, deploying, and managing large-scale and compelling websites. Designed for the marketing professional, its high performance and scalability ensure the dynamic delivery of multilingual content across a multisite platform. The FatWire solution provides organizations with the capabilities they need to create compelling experiences while driving critical efficiencies.

FatWire Core Web Content Management (WCM) extends the solution with social media, web analytics, and personalization capabilities. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Easy-to-use marketing tools – Provide easy-to-use tools to create, design, and manage web content, websites, or online experiences.
  • Targeting and segmentation – Deliver a personalized web experience for site visitors with high-speed, dynamic delivery of targeted and multilingual content.
  • Site previews – Preview websites on different future dates, with side-by-side comparisons of versions.
  • Flexible site management – Ensure consistency and accuracy via central management of multiple sites, in multiple languages.
  • Rich media management – Use digital asset management capabilities to edit and manage rich media assets such as images and video.
  • Dashboard views – Give users a dashboard tailored specifically to their web content process, including real-time publishing views.
  • Web content workflows and life-cycles – Manage the publishing process, from creation to approval and then archiving, through automated life-cycles.
  • Scalability Support – High-volume, enterprise-class deployments with a scalable infrastructure and robust security.