Documentum xCP Designer provides composition tools for rapidly building case management software applications. Model and deploy business processes, create high-fidelity electronic forms, and design user interfaces using a drag-and-drop, graphical toolset. xCP applications are configuration-based and require minimal custom code.

A library of templates is included to help automate and manage business and human processes. User-interface widgets are also provided to help build the end-user experience while allowing it to be tailored to individual roles such as case workers, managers, and business owners.

  • Drag-and-drop composition tools – Enable IT and business users to collaborate on process, forms, and user-interface design using a graphical toolset.
  • Library of reusable components – Configure and reuse process templates, electronic forms, user-interface widgets, and system integrations without custom coding.
  • User interface configuration – Build a user experience driven by process data that addresses users’ specific roles and tasks.
  • Business process modeling – Develop, validate, and deploy models for automating structured and human processes.
  • Interactive process debugging – Improve quality and minimize QA effort by checking process logic during development.
  • Data object modeling – Map business data to objects that are re-usable across high-fidelity forms and business processes.
  • Automatic form validation – Incorporate database lookups, data validation, and auto-calculations within forms to reduce costly errors.
  • Form business rule definition – Define business rules that determine how electronic form controls behave and form data is processed.