Documentum xCelerated Composition Platform (xCP) family contains a Business Process Management (BPM) software suite for automating, managing, and improving business processes involving people, information, and systems.

Increase productivity and reduce cycle times with a configurable Web-based user interface which unites process and content management and activity monitoring under a single Intelligent Case Management framework. Monitoring processes provides visibility into business operations to improve decision quality and service levels. The automated enforcement of policies, process repeatability, and full audit trails helps meet compliance needs and reduce risk. Some of the key benefits of xCP BPM software include:

  • Configurable user interface – Increase productivity with a Web-based interface tailored to users’ specific roles and tasks.
  • Electronic forms – Eliminate paper with high-fidelity electronic forms that can be downloaded, printed, or completed online.
  • Governance, risk, and compliance – Reduce risk by ensuring that processes adhere to best practices, compliance policies, and management controls.
  • Business activity monitoring – Enhance business performance with dashboards, event notifications, and graphical, real-time reporting.
  • Process automation and integration – Coordinate people and disparate systems to leverage existing applications and streamline operations.
  • Work queues – Optimize resources by dynamically balancing workloads and routing work assignments based on business rules.
  • Intelligent Case Management – Improve decisions and operational efficiency by consolidating information and automating case processes.