Documentum xCelerated Composition Platform (xCP) provides a single, integrated platform for creating and deploying dynamic, case- and process-based business applications that are information and people intensive. Documentum xCP provides an integrated set of technologies: enterprise content management, business process management, transactional content management, monitoring and reporting, intelligent capture, collaboration, and customer communications management.

Documentum xCP emphasizes configuration versus code, so you can deliver case-based applications faster, at a substantially lower cost, and with greater agility and confidence. Some of the key benefits of the platform include:

  • Component-based and SOA architecture – Reduce the complexity of application development.
  • Composition tools – Eliminate complexity, resources, and costs related to implementing and maintaining custom code.
  • Unified enterprise content management platform – Rapidly build case-based applications and repeatable solutions.
  • Graphical business modeling interfaces and forms building – Easily configure, implement, and maintain applications, and quickly make changes as business needs dictate.
  • Configurable user interface – Accelerate decision-making with a tailored case management user interface for all case related information.
  • Business process management – Discover, design, execute, report, and monitor to continuously improve business processes that reduce risk.
  • xCelerators – Speed development using software artifacts such as sample process templates, blueprints, and solution samples.
  • Communities – Online gathering space and resource center for collaborating with others developing on the platform.