Documentum Records Manager (RM) provides formal records management capabilities, security, records classification, and file plan features. RM is a modular component that works with Documentum Retention Policy Services and Documentum Physical Records Services or Documentum Federated Records Services. RM is required for certifications such as MoReq or DoD 5015.2 v3.

RM can be added to any supported Documentum environment. For DoD certification, it has pairings with Centera and SourceOne. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Compliant records – Manually declare records to be in conformance with regulations.
  • File plan – Classify records across the organization using a hierarchical folder structure.
  • Classification – Arrange records manually or automatically to specify authorities and disposition instructions.
  • Security – Adjust access control lists down to the record level.
  • Compound records – Improve consistency and clarity by managing multiple documents as a single record.
  • Records disposition – Identify eligible records, request authorizations, and schedule deletions to ensure proper disposal.