Documentum eRoom is online team collaboration software that is easy-to-use and enables distributed teams to work together more efficiently. With Documentum eRoom, teams around the world can accelerate document collaboration and group activities, improve the development and delivery of products and services, optimize collaborative business processes, improve innovation, and streamline decision-making. Some of the key benefits include:

  • User-centered design – Simplify team collaboration across the extended enterprise.
  • User-defined dashboards – Obtain status of projects and processes that span multiple eRooms with direct access to underlying data.
  • Project planning and reporting – Use Gantt charts and planning features to track tasks and milestones.
  • Easy, self-administered management – Manage your team collaboration workspaces without requiring IT support.
  • Space and content templates – Create team collaboration workspaces or documents from out-of-the-box templates, or create your own for reuse.
  • Microsoft Office/Outlook integration – Synchronize tasks and events with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook.