Documentum Digital Asset Manager is a set of powerful administration, transformation, and intellectual property rights management capabilities that fully leverage the value of digital assets. This interface takes advantage of the complete set of content management capabilities offered by the EMC Documentum platform and manages all content through a single web-based interface.

Digital Asset Manager provides needed administration to help achieve business objectives by reducing marketing costs, protecting brands, and utilizing rich media in marketing. Some of the key benefits include:

  • File transformations – Set up, create, and modify profiles to automatically transform digital media into multiple formats and renditions.
  • Intellectual property rights management – Capture intellectual property rights associated with assets and extend to third-party rights tools.
  • Thumbnail/loupe display – View the contents of any folder or the results of any search via thumbnails and a magnified inline preview.
  • Active preview – Examine contents of multipage documents with a web-based document preview and storyboard navigation interface.
  • Collections – Create and manage a collection of content to share, download, or transform into specific formats.
  • Rendition/relation browsing – Navigate to all renditions of particular assets such as a low-resolution or web-ready version of a file.
  • Advanced search and collaboration – Utilize Documentum search and collaboration features including federated search and collaboration services.