The Testing and IV&V Practice Area provides independent services to our clients for verification and validation of their technology solutions. Each phase of our approach tightly integrates with the software development lifecycle. The Impact Innovations Systems IV&V process provides a framework of gates for each development phase, providing entrance and exit criteria. IIS understands that many organizations offer Software Quality Assurance and IV&V services, however, these services result in software defects and missing business functionality. IIS Testing and IV&V Practice Area consists of individuals with technical and business area expertise, allowing for thorough analysis of the software and ability to tightly integrate with the development team and understand the software development approach and deliverables.


The Testing and IV&V Practice Area primarily focuses on enterprise wide software solutions. Best practices and the IIS approach have been implemented leveraging various Quality Assurance and Control tools.

Review of Process Framework & Management Techniques
Activities by Phase
Requirements Validation
  • Develop a high level test strategy and plan based on client requirements.
  • Understand business purpose of technology solution.
  • Evaluate existing process for gathering requirements.
  • Assess stakeholders involved in requirements gathering.
  • Review requirements against business purpose of solution.
  • Build and document the foundation of the use cases for test purposes.
  • Understand performance metric goals.
Design Verification Analysis
  • Review design against supporting architecture.
  • Assess design for white box unit testing.
  • Assess design for black box test scenarios.
  • Pinpoint integration points and design.
  • Identify design points requiring automated test scripts.
  • Map design to requirements.
  • Perform gap analysis.
  • Document findings.
Development Evaluation
  • Review development, unit testing, and deployment techniques and standards.
  • Evaluate unit testing methods.
  • Code review and assessment.
  • Code management approach assessment.
  • Identify areas requiring automated test scripts.
Test Strategy and Planning
  • Determine testing approaches
    ✔ White Box Testing
    ✔ Black Box Testing
    ✔ Performance Testing
    ✔ Functional Testing
    ✔ System Testing
    ✔ Usability Testing
    ✔ Stress Testing
    ✔ Security Testing
    ✔ Negative Testing
    ✔ Compliance Testing
    ✔ Integration Focused Testing
  • Review initial testing plan and break down plan into further detail as required.
  • Communicate testing activities, including stakeholder involvement.
Test Script Development
  • Build any required environments in support of testing activities.
  • Customize packaged IIS test scripts.
  • Develop automated test scripts, as required.
  • Develop data population scripting.
Conduct Testing
  • Perform testing as defined in the Test Strategy and Planning phase.
  • Gather results.
  • Perform results analysis.
Results Analysis and Reporting
  • Assimilate findings.
  • Perform findings analysis.
  • Draft and finalize recommendations.
  • Document results and recommendations.