Documentum Platform provides essential capabilities for managing enterprise content and is the foundation for EMC Enterprise Content Management and Intelligent Case Management product offerings.

Service-oriented and based on industry standards, the Documentum Platform adheres to Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) and supports a broad range of operating systems, databases, application servers, and enterprise applications. It adds intelligence to your organization by offering text analytics as well as advanced and federated search. Some of the key benefits of the platform include:

  • Industry-leading content management – Reduce risk with a proven and powerful platform offering a broad set of solutions and integrations.
  • Unified platform and code base – Simplify administration, security, and user management, providing universal access to a single or common repository.
  • Open, standards-based architecture – Support diverse environments using open standards such as Content Management Interoperability Service within a service-oriented architecture.
  • Content analytics and federated search – Improve search results with automatic metadata extraction, auto-classification, and federated search.
  • Compliance and security – Control repository access and improve compliance through fine-grained authentication, authorization, and auditing.
  • Global distributed deployments – Support global environments with federation, replication, and caching plus multi-language support and localization.
  • Enterprise class – Build robust applications with a scalable, fault tolerant and extensible architecture.
  • XML component management – Reuse content at a granular level and apply a full set of ECM capabilities to your XML content.